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Erosion Control, Mulching, Lawn Seeding, Hydro Seeding, Eco Cover Revegetation System

Ecoscape Solutions is the leading erosion control and ground cover operation in regional NSW. Our team of qualified horticulturalists can install various types of landscape materials with our state of the art Finn 1208 Bark Blowing machine. This technology is capable of pumping both large and small volumes of material up to 150 metres away from the truck. Our trained operators regularly achieve installation rates of 100 cubic metres per day and in some cases have installed over 200 cubic metres over short distances in a single day.
The pneumatic power of the Finn 1208 Bark Blowing machine allows for a much more consistent coverage than traditional methods and when compared to spreading materials by hand, our qualified operators can save you up to 20% in material costs due to the perfectly even coverage.
The distribution hose is small and flexible enough to fit just about anywhere, and has been known to run over fences and walls, through buildings and doorways, down stairs and up embankments. The Ecoscape team have over 10 years of landscaping experience and are dedicated to providing you with a service second to none.
For more information about any or all of our range of ground cover solutions or to arrange an onsite demonstration please contact us.
C/O- 6 Gilroy Pl ORANGE NSW 2800 0400 2444 56