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Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Ecoscape specialises in providing durable and aesthetic erosion control solutions for clients. Our services include consultation, installation and follow-up maintenance as required.

Compost Blanket

Compost blanketCompost blankets can be placed on any soil surface: flat, steep, rocky, or wet. They are an effective erosion control method that can be applied to construction sites, mine rehabilitation areas, road embankments, stormwater drains and creek or stream banks where water runoff can occur.

Our compost blankets are applied to the ground surface without having to be incorporated into the soil, therefore providing excellent erosion and sediment control on difficult terrain, such as steep or rocky slopes.

On steeper slopes, our compost blanket is used in conjunction with netting or other confinement systems to further stabilise the compost and slope, and the compost particle size and depth may be specially designed for this application.  Where our compost blankets are placed in locations that receive concentrated or channeled flows either as runoff or a point source discharge, additional forms of protection are required such as filter socks or compost berms that diffuse or divert the concentrated runoff before it reaches the blanket.

Compost can be highly effective for reducing and preventing erosion on an exposed slope.  Unlike most other stormwater management methods, compost has significant water holding capacity so that low-to-medium intensity and duration rain events may produce little or no runoff at all.  Those that do produce runoff produce less, take longer before runoff starts and longer to reach peak flow.  Compost not only helps prevent erosion immediately upon application, it also provides an effective substrate for seed growth, conserving moisture, suppressing weeds and providing slow release nutrients to support the establishment of vegetation, thus providing long term erosion prevention.

Compost Filter Sock

Stormwater bank - afterA compost filter sock is a preferred alternative to traditional silt fence. It is a mesh tube filled with composted material that is placed perpendicular to sheet-flow runoff to control erosion and retain sediment in disturbed areas.

Filter socks are flexible, making them especially useful on steep or rocky slopes where installation of other erosion control tools such as silt fence is not feasible. There is greater surface area contact with soil than typical sediment control devices.

Compost filter socks can be vegetated or unvegetated. Vegetated filter socks can be left in place to provide long-term filtration of stormwater as a post-construction best management practice (BMP). The vegetation grows into the slope, further anchoring the filter sock.


HydroseedingEcoscape’s hydroseeder is a fast, effective revegetation method – mixing seed, fertiliser, protective mulch and binding glue and spraying it directly onto desired areas. Hydroseeding is a very cost effective method of seed establishment.

Once applied, the mix of seed and mulch provides a fixed permeable layer to hold the soil together while allowing rainfall infiltration until the vegetation establishes.