The Perfect Lawn

Without a nice lawn the perfect house can look dull and unfinished, but achieving the perfect lawn is not as simple as buying the best quality turf available, it’s all about whats underneath that counts.

Lawn Seeding – before Proper turf preparation is often overlooked, but it is as important as having sturdy foundations for a new house.

Over the last few years, our team of experienced landscapers have seen our fair share of expensive turf laid over building rubble, rocky ground and even existing grass/weeds. Needless to say the expensive turf doesn’t last long under these conditions. You wonder why someone would spend up to $10/m2 and not give it the best chance of looking good 12 months later.

Once your new turf or seed is installed, the only thing that will keep it looking lush, green and weed free is having a good depth of well balanced topsoil, with the perfect amounts of nutrients and moisture available to keep the lawn fed year round. Of course the correct mowing and irrigation techniques don’t hurt either!

Lawn Seeding – duringEcoscape Solutions prides itself on having a “do it once, do it right” attitude with all new lawns subject to scientific soil sampling to determine soil type, PH and seeing what nutrients are in excess or lacking and what nutrients are correct before proceeding with any amendments that need to be made along with installing drainage and irrigation if required.

Once the prep work is done, it’s as simple as selecting what type of grass best suits the situation or clients needs, and installing a seeded turf blanket. Our custom made soil mixes are processed through our blower and perfectly blended with the desired seed and sprayed directly on your lawn area. The installation process provides some gentle bruising to the seed allowing a much more consistant and much quicker germination than traditional methods, for sloping areas, a tacifier is used which basically “glues” the soil in place until your turf is fully established, so in the event of unexpected heavy rainfalls your investment is safe.

Lawn Seeding – afterThe turf blanket process is also perfect for oversowing or topdressing of existing lawns.

Ecoscape solutions fully guarantees your lawn after 3 months, provided all amendments and management techniques are followed. There is no reason your lawn shouldn’t look as good in 20 years as it does in 3 months if the “ground work” is done.

For any advice or to request a quote on new or existing lawns, please contact us.